Maximize your calendar advertising

Not sure how to use your calendars to promote yourself? Follow these easy tips to create goodwill, loyalty, and referral business!

  • Give each of your current customers extra calendars to pass on to friends and family, providing you with a strong personal referral.

  • Personally hand them out or mail them to your customers - calendars have real gift value and you will gain loyalty and appreciation.

  • Send out calendars instead of greeting cards as a year-end gift - they won't get thrown out after a few weeks like a seasonal card.

  • Display your calendars in offices, libraries, arenas, hospitals, sports clubs, and other public places in your area to connect with the community.

  • Donate them to a non-profit club whose members could be potential customers.

  • Supply local businesses - almost all businesses use at least one calendar, and they also have employees and customers who could be interested in your products and services.

  • Give them to the people and businesses that provide you services - your postman or courier, your hair stylist, your dentist, your mechanic, your personal trainer, your child's teacher or sports coach - everyone you have a relationship with could be, or knows someone who could be, a potential customer!